About Sitting with Shondi


This blog was born of a need to process post cancer confusion and integration as a 30 something year old. I have been an active journal writer/keeper since I was 9 years old. I remember my first Diary like it was my first best friend. Writing in my journals became a constant lifelong tool to be able to psychologically process my experiences. When I was faced with a breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 33, I turned to writing to sort through the rapid fire changes that were happening in my body and to my life. Under the circumstance of facing my mortality, I began to explore things on a deeper, more spiritual level than I had in a long time. During treatment, I kept a log at my first blog, Get Some Goats With Me. I was so grateful for the simple act of observing and breathing in the beautiful and sometimes heartbreaking ways of being in the world. I wanted to capture every moment as quickly as I could. During my chemotherapy, I was struck by how slammed I felt by the attack on my immune system. I vowed to do a lot of things to honor my body and never take any abilities that I had for granted. I also vowed to never stop writing. There were a few years after treatment ended where I struggled to adapt to my new reality. In the interim between being the person in the thick of it and the creature I would blossom into, I created this blog as a means to sort through some of the pain, and to heal myself. If in sharing my work, I touch someone with whom any of it resonates with, that is even better.





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