Pride is

Giving myself permission to be.

It is creating my own reality.

It is breaking patterns.

It is deconstructing conditioning.

It is continuing to take one step, and then another, and then another, walking a path unpaved.

Pride is answering only to the divinity within me. It is finding and nurturing my own light when I could have dimmed it. It is staring into the face of discrimination with a steady gaze. It is choosing not to believe insistent suggestions that I am bad, wrong, possessed, evil, undeserving, foul, ill, perverted.

Pride is self emancipation. It is saying thanks but no thanks to a prescripted life. It is setting boundaries. It is self preservation. It is cutting ties that bind while carefully tending to all of the frayed edges and brokenness within.

Pride is personal responsibility.

Pride is personal.

Pride is tribal.

Pride is courage.

Pride is permission. Permission to be me.

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