Three Things

I have been actively working to uncover tools and heal, and I share my writing as a way to heal and hopefully to inspire others. A lot of the tools that I have uncovered are personal to my own experience, and I have come about them intuitively. I caught up with a childhood friend recently, and we contemplated some struggles and experiences that we have in common. While our lives look very different from the outside and we might be drawn to different healing modalities based on our cultural experience, we have so many similarities. We continued our conversation via text long after we left each other, And it inspired me to write this post. I want to share some of the more practical concrete tools that have helped support my journey in a really solid way. Here, a short list of three tools that are hot for me right now.

1. A book called The Language of Emotions by Karla Mclaren. This is a FAT book but actually quite easy to read. Anyone from any background would benefit from its tools in my opinion. Karla shares practical exercises that you can do to learn how to effectively channel and process emotions, even the demonized ones like anger and jealousy. Karla takes the position that all of our emotions are worthy of being honored. As a highly sensitive person, this book has become an Empath’s Handbook of sorts for me. I see myself coming back to it again and again for reference.

2. A free app for your smartphone called Insight Timer. If you want to get into meditation but you’re not sure where to start, or if you already into meditation and you just want easy access to an array of guided meditations to add to your arsenal, this app is for you! It also includes a library of lectures and ambient music. It is free but you can pay extra to be able to download the meditations. I use this every day for my morning and nighttime ritual routines. It’s pure gold in my book!

3. The Self Care Club! I was a guest on this podcast and I shared some of the tools that I used to find deeper healing. Here you will find highly sensitive people who have very intentional self care practices and have applied tools for healing with great results. The same series of questions that host Natalie Ross asks opens up a portal to glimpse into the interviewees life before and after their conscious self care practices, and does so in a way that makes you feel like you are sitting in conversation with Natalie and her guest. Check it out! You can hear me speak about fun things like tap dancing to the Doors and taking pictures in my undies on episode 25! Check out mine and others interviews Here

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