Musings on Magic and the Mind Body Connection

I have a very satisfying relationship with my body. I have not always had this and I didn’t just get to a place after a certain surgery or starting to wear hair or whatever. What I attribute this relationship to is learning to communicate between my conscious self and my physical self. Paying attention to how one compliments the other and considering the other when dealing with one is a helpful practice. Using the tools that I have been given help me get to a place where I am connecting, positively or not, with what my body signals are signifying about my emotional experience. Joining them in relationship is my spiritual experience. I will ask myself questions like “Do I need more sleep? Do I need to withdraw from social engagements? Do I need to reset some priorities?”  I will literally sit and talk to my body when I am feeling physical pain. “What are you? Where are you in my body? What or who do you remind me of? What emotions come up for me when consider you?” I might notice that I am feeling a blocked sensation in my throat. I might then determine that it feels as though there is a sensation like an energetic pipe, encompassing anxiety, fear, grief. This will remind me of the chakra system and how the throat chakra works on and relates our emotions to our physical experience. I might decide then that I should spend some time focusing on saying what I mean and speaking my truth. I might spend some time thinking about how I might have stifled myself to make others feel comfortable. I would then have an illuminated area of study raised into my consciousness, so that I can work to apply other tools to aid me in my self work. The more I do this, the more aware I am of the mind/body connection and its miraculousness, and the more I can shift things around, create what I need, and have more patience and compassion for myself and others. Wondering about and exploring psychological and spiritual ideas and applying them to my practice is empowering and effective.  This is magic to me.

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