The universe will present opportunities for you to pause and take stock and care of your needs, and if necessary, do so in a very dramatic way. I haven’t always been so mindful of my own needs. I was bogged down by a lot of external factors. I often felt cranky, defensive, exhausted, angry, […]

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A Letter to a Loved One

Still in the cold of Winter, entered into Pisces season, we are feeling into our shadows. We are dreaming in the dark. We are receiving messages from our unconscious. We are feeling old stories in our bones. We might be feeling the need to pull off scabs and agitate old hurts. We need to feel. […]

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In November of last year I had the pleasure of being interviewed for The Self Care Club podcast. The podcast is meant to help inspire people to take their self care practice to the next level, and to explore guest’s self care practices to provide that inspiration. I was delighted to have been invited, as […]

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Intuition is my Big Friend

I was hurting. I was downtrodden. I had lost both my implants to a series of infections and was recovering from 3 surgeries in less than 3 months after chemotherapy was done. I was still slick bald, even though I should have had a bit of hair already. My chest was what I called a […]

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Vanity as Ritual

I used to struggle with my vanity. My love and appreciation for dressing and painting my body and my face in ways that are considered beautiful or sexy or strange got all tied up in confusion about what I thought was supposed to be important to me. I secretly feared that I relied too heavily […]

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Sleepy Time: Night Time Ritual

Hey Monday! Last week I shared a post about some of the things I do to take care of myself. Today I want to piggy back onto the previous week’s post, Monday Morning Self Care Recap, and dive with more detail into only a few of the personal practices I have been utilizing to handle […]

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